Three successful personalities, with the need to give back in some measure to society is how the story of Doorstep Health Services began.

Aging population, busy work schedules, traffic, deadlines, staying alone, intimidating hospitals, all create intangible barriers to timely healthcare.

Doorstep Health Services Pvt Ltd - a comprehensive health service for all health needs of corporates and homes took seed in this millieu.

The Promoters

Pravin Dravid

Pravin Dravid, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and IIM(A), recently moved to Pune. He wanted to use his vast experience in business planning and strategy to improve health care in the community.

Dr (Gp Capt) Suchitra Mankar

Dr (Gp Capt) Suchitra Mankar, an alumnus of AFMC Pune, is a practicing doctor, recognized teacher, Preventive Care Specialist and a Healthcare Management Expert. She has 30 years of varied experience in the field of Healthcare. She chose to give up a successful career in the Armed Forces to pursue a dream...


To provide a comprehensive range of health related services to clients in their homes or workplace in a responsive and proficient manner.


To provide the following services to our clients

  • Preventive Medical Services
  • Curative Medical Services
  • Support Medical Services

Why Doorstep?

To provide the following services to our clients

  • A comprehensive model for health care
  • Knowledge and experience in medical care for over 30 yrs
  • Ability to deliver care in almost any setting
  • Impeccable credentials
  • Well versed with company requirements, rules and regulations
  • Able administration