What is Doorstep Health Services?

Doorstep Health Services is a comprehensive primary care services provided to our registered clients at their homes. We provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative services under the overall supervision of a panel of qualified doctors. Many agencies and bureaus provide nurses and assistants; others provide laboratory services, or pharmacy services. Doctors too visit homes. However, the services are not under one umbrella. As a result the  doctor is not in control of the other staff and services resulting in differing instructions, procedures or attendance and lack of records, all affecting the patient adversely. We provide all health related services under one roof so that the patient gets good seamless primary care by well trained staff comfortably and without the inconvenience of taking leave, traffic, waiting and travel.  Care can be provided even if the family members   are unable to be present. Each case will be assigned to a doctor who will monitor the tasks carried out by all others associated with the care giving process.

What are the advantages of this system?
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Is this a 24/7 service?
Is the service for only elderly patients?
Is this an emergency service?

To many Doorstep is a strong foundation at the entrance to their homes - a threshold. To others, it signifies accessibility, proximity, and support. For us the name and symbol represent our mission to provide accessible, responsive and professional healthcare services to our community. 

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